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First time OLCC Initial Course:

*The passing grade for OLCC's Initial course is 70%

          Initial Course

* If you have never had an OLCC permit, or have not passed the initial server education course within the last 7 years click on this class button.


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Private Class

Renewal OLCC Course:

* The passing grade for OLCC's Renewal course is 80%.

                     Renewal Course

* To qualify for the renewal course you need to have completed an OLCC approved server education class within the last 7 years. If you are not sure if you qualify for the renewal course you can contact the OLCC to find out. Call the OLCC at 503-872-5133 or 800-452-6522, Ext 5133. Please note that if you do not qualify for the renewal course and take the renewal course OLCC will reject your test. You will then have to take the Initial Course before your permit is issued to you.

Choose an Oregon Alcohol Servers Permit Course


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