System Requirements

This online class has been designed to work on most systems, but please read these requirements carefully and click the button on the bottom of the page to continue.

Screen Resolution:

The preferred resolution is 1024x 768 if your resolution is lower then this, you may have to scroll down to view pages. If you have a "pop-up blocker" installed on your computer, please turn it off before you proceed. Click here to get information about how to disable "pop-up blocker".


While High-Speed is optimal, for best performance 768kbs DSL or higher is preferred.

How to Enable Third-Party Cookies:

As with standard cookies, third-party cookies are used for multiple reasons, such as remembering personalization options, user preferences and even tracking information. Most browsers have this option enabled by default, but if not (e.g. Safari), or if you have manually disabled this option, you should enable it for the training content to load properly.

- Click the menu button and choose “Options”
- Select “Privacy and Security” and go to the “History” section
- In the drop-down menu next to “Firefox will” choose “Use custom settings for history”
- Make sure the “Accept cookies from websites” checkbox is checked
- In the drop-down menu next to “Accept third-party cookies” choose “Always”

Google Chrome
- Go to “Settings”
- At the bottom, click “Advanced”
- Under “Privacy and security” click “Content settings”
- Click Cookies
- Make sure “Allow sites to save and read cookie data” is on
- Turn “Block third-party cookies” off

Internet Explorer
- From the explorer menu on the upper-right select “Internet Options”
- Click on the Security tab
- Move the “Security level” bar to “Medium”
- Click “Ok” and restart Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge
- Go to Settings
- Click “View advanced settings”
- Find the “Cookies” option and select “Don’t block cookies” in the dropdown

Safari (Mac)
- Open Safari and in the top left corner of your screen click on Safari and select “Preferences”
- In the preference window select the “Privacy” option
- In the “Cookies and website data” area select “Always allow”
* If you do not see the option "Always allow". If so, you should see a setting named "Prevent cross-site tracking". Please make sure this setting is disabled.

- On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings
- Select “Safari”
- Under “Privacy & Security”, select “Block Cookies”
- You will be shown a list of options. Select “Always Allow”
* If you do not see the option "Always allow". If so, you should see a setting named "Prevent cross-site tracking". Please make sure this setting is disabled.

Important Instructions:

As you proceed through the course, your progress will be stored in our database. If you should leave the course before completion, and return at a later time, you will be able to continue the course from your last completed unit. When you return click on the Returning User Login button in the main menu and enter your login information to be taken directly to your user page.

You can review previous units at any time by clicking on the unit in your dashboard. Once you have completed the final test all access to the course will be removed for security purposes. After you complete and pass the final you can print a copy of your proof of completion and/or certificate depending on state law.


Tuition for the online class is $14.99. We use Stripe as our credit card processor. In order to take the class you must agree to all our terms and Stripe's. No Refunds once payment is made. If you do not successfully pass the course. Email us with your name and the date you took the final test. We will let you take the course again, after we verify that you did not pass.