Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is a Certificate of Completion?

ANSWER A Certificate of Completion is proof that you completed or online Montana Alcohol Server Educaiton course anyone who serve alcohol in restaurants, taverns, nightclubs, bars, lounges, private clubs, and similar businesses must complete this training course within 60 days of hire and the certificate is good for 3 years.

QUESTION: Why do I need one?

ANSWER Montana law requires you to have completed an alcohol server eduaction course if you work at a business with a liquor license that allows customers to drink on the premises and you mix, serve, or sell alcohol in any manner. Managers who supervise employees who mix, serve, or sell alcohol must also complete the training.

QUESTION: What if just clear tables or work in the kitchen?

ANSWER If you set up and clear tables, work in the kitchen, check ID at the door, or work as a janitor, bouncer or security person, you do not need a service permit as long as you do not also mix, serve, or sell alcohol in any manner or supervise those who do.

QUESTION: What if I'm a hostess? Do I to take this training course?

ANSWER If as a host or hostess you just greet and seat customers, you do not need to take this training course. However, if you collect money from customers who have been drinking or ring up checks that include charges for alcohol, you are selling alcohol and must take this training course. If you roam the floor and sometimes help servers by delivering drinks to a table or refilling a customer's glass of wine or beer, you are serving alcohol and you will need to complete this training course. Remember, the law says you must complete and pass this training course within 60 days of hire if you mix, serve, or sell alcohol in any manner.

QUESTION: How long is my premit good for?

ANSWER A Certificate of Completion will now expire three years from the date you pass the Alcohol Server Education final test.

QUESTION: What if I lose my permit or change my name?

ANSWER You must contact us by email or phone and let us know that you lost the document or that your name has changed and we will email you a new Certificate of Completion.

QUESTION: Do I need to take the entire Montana alcohol certification course in one sitting?

ANSWER No, you do not need to take the entire course at one time. You may take as many breaks as you would like throughout the course. Note: Your progress is saved after each slide. With our Learning Management System you can log in and out and continue from where you last left off.

QUESTION: Do I need audio to take this course?

ANSWER Yes, our program mainly consists of videos. It will be necessary for you to hear these videos so you can learn the course material.

QUESTION: I don’t have a printer so I will be unable to print out my Certificate of Completion directly after I pass the final exam. What should I do?

ANSWER You may log back into your account any time after you pass the final exam to print out your Certificate of Completion. Also you will recieve an email after you pass the final test with a link to your Certificate of Completion and you can access it at any time.

QUESTION: Which browser should I use while taking your program?

ANSWER Our online courses are designed in HTML5 format. This means any of todays web browsers can view our training material. This includes smart phones, tablets and desktops. You do not have to download any software or other programs to view our training courses.

The Montana Department of Revenue also has a Frequently Ask Questions pdf file that you can click on and answer any other questions you might have. Please click the link below.

ANSWER Click here: Montana Liquor Control Division F.A.Q.