Oregon's Olcc Alcohol Server Education Course

The OLCC permit certification is required for anyone who mixes, sells, servers, or manages anyone who mixes, sells or serves alcohol in the state of Oregon.

This course and website was designed with multiple devices in mind. All course content is in HTML5 which means it will work on Ipad-Iphone-Android-Desktop and Mac Devices. You do not need Adobe Flash Player and there is no need to download any other browser to take our course. We have tested our course in Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

There is a no time limit requirement for this OLCC Server Permit training course. This is a self paced OLCC course so you can learn as fast or as slow as you want. Most people complete the training in about 1 to 1.5 hours. After you complete our online course you will be directed to the OLCC Portal site where you can take your final test and submit your alcohol service permit application.

Olcc Permit

How to get your OLCC Permit

1. Complete our online OLCC course, and save your course proof of completion.

2. Visit OLCC's Portal website for the online alcohol service permit application and take the final test. Olcc will match up your test to our online course and issue you the permit.

Olcc Permit

OLCC Online Alcohol Permit Course

The OLCC has now simplified the online alcohol server education training. There is now only one version of alcohol server education. They have done away with the Initial or Renewal training course. It is now a one size fits all with our online approved OLCC Alcohol Server Education.

Click Here for the OLCC online Alcohol Permit Training Course
Olcc Permit

OLCC Online Portal Information

OLCC has now made the application process and final test process easier. You can now pay for your application online with their new system. No more printing applications and mailing in checks or money orders. That's right you fill out the form online and pay with a credit card now.

OLCC's NEW Portal for Alcohol Service Permit Applicaitons

OLCC Permit Application and Test Portal on OLCC's Website

As of May 2018, the OLCC will now only accept alcohol service permit applications online. You will need to visit the OLCC Portal and register and pay for the application online.

The OLCC has removed the Online Renewal Alcohol Permit training course. The OLCC has simplified the online training with just one course for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a first timer or have had your permit for 20 years. The online course is now a one size fits all training course.

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Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of experience in the restaurant and bar business as an owner and manager. We also have the knowledge and expertise on how to deal with tough situations. We also understand what you have had to deal with or will have to deal with when serving and selling alcohol. With over 12 years of teaching the OLCC Alcohol Server Education course and over 75k students have successfully passed our Oregon Liquor Control Commision Permit training course.

2016 Alcohol Related Accidents

402 Fatal crashes occurred in Oregon in 2016

% Alcohol Related

% Fatalities

2015 Alcohol Related Accidents

472 Fatal crashes occurred in Oregon in 2015

% Alcohol Related

% Fatalities


Log In and Out As Much As You Want

Study at your own pace with quick and easy course units. Save time and gas. The course is available 24/7. Take it on your own time. Take it with any online connected device.

After you have registered for your online course you can log back in by clicking the "Returning User Login" button at the top of the page.

Why Are Servers Required To Take An OLCC Alcohol Education Class?

The intent of the OLCC server permit education is to help you develop the knowledge and skills that support responsible alcohol service. By law, classes must cover the following topics:

  • The effects of alcohol on the body and behavior, including the interaction of alcohol with other drugs.

  • Oregon's alcohol sale and service laws, including DUII laws.

  • Intervention techniques for dealing with intoxicated and underage customers.

  • Responsible advertising, marketing and management procedures.

At the end of the course you will take a 30 question multiple-choice practice test. After you pass the practice test you will be given a Proof of Completion. You will need to download and save your Proof of Completion to take the Final Test on the OLCC Portal. We will direct you to the OLCC Portal website where you can register and upload your Proof of Completion, and take the OLCC Final Test.

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