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Washington MAST Alcohol Permit

Alcohol Safety Guide for Spring Break

By Wally Rohde

As an online training company teaching state-approved alcohol training courses, we know the importance of responsibly serving alcohol to patrons. With our program, you’ll learn everything you need to know for your respective state by earning your certification or permit online at whatever pace works for you. We make it easy to earn your certification through our course.

Know How to Identify Fake ID’s and Spot Any Minors

The legal drinking age in the United States is 21 and over, there is no disputing that fact. When patrons visit your restaurant or bar, they’ll need to present a form of ID. That’s when you take the time to see any discrepancies in their license that suggest it’s fake. If the person looks underage, taking an extra-long look at their ID won’t hurt.

Keep Track of the Amount of Alcoholic Drinks Your Customers Consume

As you gain experience serving drinks to people throughout the years, you’ll be able to keep track of how many beverages are being served. For instance, if you’re keeping a tab open for a party, you can monitor their intake periodically. A great way to maintain the amount of alcohol being consumed is to use the proper serving sizes in every shot and cocktail leaving the bar.

Don’t Serve Alcohol to Intoxicated Customers

Staying aware of the signs of intoxication will help prevent any further drinks being served to the people displaying those signals. Most states have a limit as to how many drinks each person can have within a restaurant or bar. You may not have an indication to approximate how much your customers have consumed, but you’ll have the education to spot when someone has reached that breaking point.

A+ Server Education

Our goal as server educators is to help servers develop all the knowledge and skills they need to provide responsible alcohol services. Our classes cover the effects of alcohol on the body, sale and safety laws by state, intervention techniques, and responsible advertising, marketing, and management. We have met all the requirements for the states of California, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. If you would like to have more information, please contact us today at (503) 740-5509.

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