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General System Requirements for Our Online Learning Portal

Read this content carefully

System Requirements

This online class has been designed to work on most systems, but please read these requirements carefully.


Screen Resolution

The preferred resolution is 1024×768; if your resolution is lower than this, you may have to scroll down to view pages. If you have a “pop-up blocker” installed on your computer, please turn it off before you proceed. Click here to get information about how to disable the “pop-up blocker.



While high speed is optimal, 768kbs DSL or higher is preferred for best performance.

We have designed this course and website with multiple devices in mind. We are using HTML5 format for all course material. You do not have to download other programs or browsers to view the material. We have tested this course on iPad – iPhone – Desktop – Android and Mac devices.


Important Instructions

Your progress will be stored in our database as you proceed through the course. If you should leave the course before completion and return at a later time, you will be able to continue the course from your last completed unit. When you return, click the User Login link in the main menu and enter your login information to be taken directly to your user page.

You can review previous units anytime by clicking on the unit in your dashboard. Once you have completed the final test, all access to the course will be removed for security purposes. After you complete and pass the final, you can print a copy of your proof of completion and/or certificate, depending on state law.

In some sections, you will be required to give the answer to one of the security questions you entered during the registration process. You must answer the questions correctly to proceed. All security questions are case-sensitive; if you capitalize the answer, you must answer it with a capital letter. Sometimes, the security question has a 1-minute timer countdown and must be answered in that minute, or it will be a failed answer.


State-Specific Information


To complete this training course, you must have a Server ID from the California ABC RBS Portal. Getting a Server ID is easy; follow the steps below.

1. Visit the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control website, click here for the California RBS Web Portal Website, and register for a Server ID number. After you have completed your registration, log in to your account. There, you will pay the required fee for the exam and receive a Server ID. Record your ID. You will need it to purchase your training.

2. Return to our website, register with us, purchase your training course, and complete your training.

3. After completing our training course, you will receive an email from the ABC RBS granting access to the state final exam. Pass your exam through the California RBS Web Portal.

Please visit our California FAQ page by clicking here if you still have questions.


Illinois BASSET Certification:

Our ILCC BASSET Certification course is approved for both On-Premise and Off-Premise employees. On-Premises training is for individuals who sell or serve alcohol in establishments where it is intended to be consumed on-site, such as bartenders, servers, barbacks, and managers of hotels, bars, restaurants, and other similar places. Off-Premises training is for those who sell alcohol in sealed containers that are not intended to be consumed on-site, such as in grocery stores, liquor stores, and convenience stores. Our training course is valid for both types of locations, which helps you save money if you work in both. Plus, our course offers unlimited retakes, is mobile-friendly with no software to download, and offers immediate download of course certification. After completing the course, you will receive a BASSET card that will be mailed to you free of charge by ILCC.




This course has been approved for the State of Louisiana RV Bar Card permit by the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control. This course is required by law to take 2 hours to complete. The Responsible Vendor course will cover how to recognize signs of intoxication, alcohol-related laws, proper techniques for checking identification, and state-specific laws about tobacco and lottery. After successfully completing this course and the 25 multiple choice question final exam, you can print your temporary certificate of completion. Your test information will be forwarded to the Louisiana ATC. Your bar card can then be downloaded from the ATC’s website 7-14 days after you pass the final test. We will upload LRVP completion records to the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control. The ATC no longer mails the responsible vendor cards. Your RV card will be available on the ATC website. Click here to print your card. Your permit will expire in 4 years on the last day of the month you complete your training.


Monatana’s Alcohol Training Course passing grade is 80%.

New York:

Most students complete the training course in about 1-2 hours. When you pass the exam, we will submit your test and provide you with a Completion Certificate. Our ATAP course is approved for both On and Off-Premise training. This means you can take one training course and get both On and Off-Premise certification. Be certified to work in both On-Premise and Off-Premise locations.

Oklahoma ABLE Employee License:

Our online ABLE training course will cover the following topics:

  • The effects of alcohol on the body and behavior, including the interaction of alcohol with other drugs.
  • Oklahoma alcohol sale and service laws, including drunk driving laws.
  • Intervention techniques for dealing with intoxicated and underage customers.
  • Responsible advertising, marketing, and management procedures.

You can complete the course in about 2 hours, and it’s the fastest way to get your alcohol certificate online. Save time with our Fast and Easy online training. Our online course also includes a full narration to help you learn as you go.


OLCC Alcohol Server Education Course passing grade is 70%.

OLCC is now hosting the final test on its own website. You will be given proof of completion after you complete your training on our website. You will need to go to the OLCC Portal and register with the OLCC to take the final test on their site. You will be asked to upload the proof of completion and activation code we provide you at the end of the training.


How to get your Utah DABS Alcohol Certification

Utah DABS alcohol training certification is for anyone who sells or serves alcoholic beverages in Utah. To receive your DABS certification, you must complete an approved alcohol server certification course that educates you on general alcohol guidelines as well as Utah state-specific laws and regulations. Why wait? Enroll in our Utah alcohol certification class to get your license.

Here are the steps to fulfill to get your Utah DABS Alcohol Training License:

  1. Enroll in our Utah DABS Alcohol Training Program
  2. Complete the training course
  3. Pass the exam and print or download your certificate of completion


The MAST course is a 3-hour program that comprises 6 comprehensive units covering everything from:

  • Mandatory Alcohol Server Training Information
  • Alcohol and Its Effects On The Body
  • Minors and Checking Identification
  • Apparently Intoxicated Persons
  • Liability
  • Rules and Regulated Alcohol Laws

By completing the MAST course, you’ll be well-equipped to handle your duties as a responsible server and ensure a safe and enjoyable drinking experience for everyone.

Washington requires your social security number when issuing MAST Permits

Per RCW 74.20A.320, the Division of Child Support (DCS) certifies and requires Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) the suspension or cancellation of permits of the non-custodial parents who are at least six months in arrears on child support payments. The WSLCB will invalidate any permits issued to these individuals.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the WSLCB for questions or comments:
Phone: (360) 664-1600