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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our online alcohol server classes. Chances are if you’re experiencing a problem or need help the solution will be here. Please make sure to look through all of the F.A.Q Knowledge Base before contacting us to ensure you get what you need as soon as possible. If you’re unable to find an answer for your question, then contact our support team.

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  • What if I don’t have an email address?

    Our system uses email addresses as your username/login. You can get an email address for free at or

  • What are personal validation questions?

    Certain courses we offer are regulated by the state to include a personal validation system. The system is used to authenticate you as a user while you progress through the course. It is important for you to remember your answers to these questions as you will be required to answer the same questions at random times as you make your way through the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • The course doesn’t open.

    The course opens in a new window or tab. Depending on your internet settings, your pop-up blocker may block the course from opening. Please allow the pop-up or disable the pop-up blocker.

  • The course is frozen.

    First, press the F5 key if you are on a Windows PC or Command-R if you are on a Mac to refresh the page. This usually corrects any loading issues.

  • Course screen is blank.

    If the course player window opens but is blank or grayed out, your firewall may be blocking the course content from displaying. You should go into your internet options and modify your security settings.

  • The NEXT button doesn’t appear on the screen.

    You may not have performed a required function on that screen. Make sure that you have clicked on all bullet points, yes/no answer options, or more info icons. The NEXT button will not appear until you have performed all of the required actions.

Certificate Information

  • My name is misspelled on my certificate.

    For security reasons, some account information cannot be altered by the student. (Name, date of birth and Social Security Number.) Please contact support immediately for corrections.

  • I can’t open my certificate.

    Your certificate will be issued in two different file formats – PDF and JPG. PDF requires Adobe Reader software to open. This software can be downloaded for free. JPG requires basic image software that most computers come with.

  • I lost my certificate.

    You can reprint your certificate from your account. Log in and go the “My Account” page. You’ll find your certificate icon there and can print again.


  • Is this website safe?

    Yes, all of your information is safe and secure. We use a state-of-the-art SSL certificate that enables up to 256-bit SSL encryption which is the most up-to-date and strongest SSL certificates available.

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