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5 Unexpected Situations Bartenders Should be Prepared For

5 Unexpected Situations Bartenders Should be Prepared For

By Wally Rohde

Most hospitality and management jobs demand you to have some essential traits. These traits can make you the ideal candidate for the job. Similarly, bartending is not something everyone can be good at. You need to hone many skills to give your patrons and employers the service they seek.

In a way, you need to be a personal bodyguard and a psychiatrist to your customers to save them from the black hole of their lives. Knowing about what things you should expect as a bartender can help you serve better.

Let us see some of the unexpected situations bartenders should be prepared for

  1. Unpleasant Situations: Although every alcohol-serving establishment has bouncers that can help with ungrateful customers, bartenders should also know how to save the situation. Belligerent patrons can be rude and ready to welcome unnecessary fights. They can threaten you or make displeasing comments. Instead of getting intimidated by such behavior, a bartender should be able to defuse such situations. A tough-skinned temperament is crucial at such times.
  2. Quarrels Amongst the Patrons: Some patrons do not stop at commenting and threatening the bartenders and move to other customers to anger them. While some customers only enter the establishment looking for trouble. Even though a server may be trained to keep their cool in uncomfortable cases, other patrons are not. They may get involved and start a huge quarrel. Other customers may leave to avoid any dispute that could be bad for the establishment’s reputation. A bartender should also know how to calm such customers and diffuse these fights.
  3. Different Pouring Methods: A bartender should be aware of all the mixing techniques used by professionals in the state they are working. If the bartender is from another place, the establishment manager should train them by teaching various common tongue drinks ordered by the customers.
  4. Modified Drinks: Most customers like to order something off of the menu that does not have any fixed recipe. A bartender should be equipped with the knowledge of mixology and precisely serve the customer what they order. They should also know how to price the drink according to its recipe without relying on the manager to calculate the cost.
  5. Intoxicated Patron: Bartending is a risky job when it comes to ungrateful and unsupportive customers. Many people lack self-control or have an alcohol addiction. They do not stop at the safe levels and overdrink, leading to alcohol poisoning. Further, customers that are new to drinking do not know their capacity for alcohol and drink more than they can handle. Over-drinking may be due to peer pressure or life troubles, but it leads to intoxication. A bartender must be trained in TIPS and follow the proper protocol to safely get their customers to their homes without disrupting the dram shop laws.

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