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Steps To Get A Bartender License In Washington & Other States

By Wally Rohde

The process of getting a bartender’s license in Washington is straightforward. The need for bartender licensing or certification varies throughout the United States. Here’s how future bartenders can earn their alcohol server certification & bartender license in Wahington to start working a bartending job.

Getting a Bartender License Varies by Location

The process of getting a bartender license in Washington and other states of the United States varies. There is no federal legal certification regulating the ability to serve alcohol. This is also not to be confused with a liquor license, which is required for an establishment to sell alcohol.

The following states require formal alcohol server training:

Alaska, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington

California will begin mandating valid server certification as of July 1, 2021.

While not mandatory statewide, several locations have their own training rules by city or even county, Hawaii, Wyoming, Georgia, and Maine are such locations. 

For these required areas, you’ll need to be the minimum age and complete a certification course at minimum to sell alcoholic beverages and avail bartender license in Washington.

Bartending Certification Creates Better Servers

Restaurants and bars highly value bartender school education regardless of serving laws. Many areas work with serving boards to promote alcohol education. These communities understand the role that bartenders play in regard to public safety. 

A bartending course will teach you how to properly mix various cocktail recipes. Instructors will educate students on how to properly pour different alcohol types. You’ll also get a rundown on how to safely utilize the tools behind the bar.

Perhaps most importantly, these programs require bartenders to learn about the health and safety factors related to alcohol consumption. They will teach tactics to provide quality customer service, recognize signs of intoxication, and cut patrons off appropriately.

How Long Does Getting a Bartender’s License In Washington Or Other States Take?

The duration of the bartending course varies depending on the program. First, you need to meet the minimum age requirement of 18 or 21 years, depending on your location. Some courses are only a few hours and provide an overview of alcohol laws and techniques for dealing with intoxicated customers.

Other established bartending schools produce curriculums that can take up to 40 hours to complete. These are generally more in-depth programs that prepare future bartenders for employment.

Will a Bartender’s Server Permit Secure Me a Job?

While job potential fluctuates with the current market trends, you’re far more likely to earn a bartending job than an untrained person. Employers view formal education as job preparation and experience. 

Bars and restaurants want bartenders who are capable of operating a bar safely and efficiently. They may even work with State-approved boards to ensure that hired personnel possess that area’s certification. Incentives generally exist for those who cooperate with voluntary programs.

Get Your MAST Permit In Washington with A+ Server Education

A+ Server Education shares in the pursuit of creating quality bartenders. We believe that servers play a large role in creating safer communities. Our courses are optimized for a variety of platforms so that you can complete them at your convenience. Get started with your certification today by clicking on one of the applicable states here and obtain your bartender license for Washington & other states. Also, give us a call if you want to know more about getting a Washington MAST Permit.

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