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5 Ways to Recognize Visible Intoxication at a Bar

5 Ways to Recognize Visible Intoxication at a Bar

By Wally Rohde

Alcohol intoxication occurs when a person consumes more alcohol than their liver can metabolize. Alcohol and its components accumulate in the bloodstream, causing health risks. However, being intoxicated to the point where the signs are visibly apparent to everyone around you is called visible intoxication and is a cue for the servers to stop serving such a customer at once. Most server and bartending classes teach you how to recognize intoxication. To safeguard the patron, other customers, and your establishment from any harm, you should also have knowledge about visible intoxication.

Here are some ways you can recognize signs of visible intoxication at a bar:

  1. Physical Appearance: A person who has over drunk will have a flushed appearance. Some other physical signs of visible intoxication are droopy watery, bloodshot eyes, trembling hands, and inability to sit straight. Their speech will be slurred and loud, in another accent or tone, and very quick or too slow. Further, they will repeat themselves many times. They will be disoriented and will not care about their shabby appearance. An intoxicated person will also have a delayed response if you ask them anything.
  2. Stumbled Walk: If a person cannot walk straight, is limping, or is sloppy, they have over drunk. They will not be able to keep their balance. You should ask the server to stop serving such a person as they can fall off and hurt themselves and others.
  3. Inappropriate Behavior: In most cases, it is seen that an intoxicated person will shift their behavior towards others very quickly. They can get moody, cry, and get overly sullen. On the other hand, some can get very angry and rude. They will treat the staff inappropriately. They can even get violent if things don’t go according to their preference; therefore, you should handle such people carefully. They will be obnoxious and mean to other patrons and will be an annoyance to your entire establishment.
  4. Overly Generous: On the very opposite end, when drunk, some people can get excessively joyful. We all know that person who announces in a packed room, “The drinks are on me!” If you don’t have a guilty conscience, being on the receiving end feels lucky. However, if you give free treats to others, you will feel horrible the next day and not just because of the hangover. Some people also become overly generous and tip their servers irrationally. They will also celebrate for others whom they don’t even know.
  5. Absence of Coordination: An intoxicated person will not be able to maintain their coordination. They will have difficulty managing and counting money. They will not be able to open or close doors. They will be spilling drinks on themselves and will not be able to eat or drink properly.

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