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What a Bar Mentor Can Do for You

What a Bar Mentor Can Do for You

By Wally Rohde

When learning a craft, there are few things as valuable as the insight a mentor can offer. It makes sense, then, that an experienced bartender could help you improve your craft.
Below, you’ll learn about the advantages that a bar mentor can offer. We hope this helps to set expectations as you search for a mentor, or if you’re trying to determine the types of insight that you can get from this mentor.

Practical Tips

Whenever you’re with a bartender who’s more experienced than you, the most immediate benefit you can get is learning practical tips for being behind the bar. Bartending requires a variety of hard and soft skills.

You need to know how to talk to customers, mix drinks, de-escalate situations, and more. Even simply watching the way an experienced bartender pours spirits can be instructive.

Career Advice

Along with learning about the day-to-day realities of bartending, a mentor can also help you get a broader perspective on your career. You want to enjoy what you’re doing now, but where do you plan to work a year from now? What about five years from now?

Even in uncertain times, a bartender will be able to give you a broader perspective that can help you throughout the rest of your career.


Of course, bartending can be a competitive industry, and sometimes the distinguishing factor between you and the other qualified bartenders is who you know. Your mentor will be able to introduce you to other experienced bartenders, who can in turn expand your network further.

Oftentimes, a mentor is your “in” that allows you to become better connected throughout the industry in a specific city or area.


While all of the above is an important part of your career, it’s important to note that a good mentor can go deeper than that. They can be a friend that you can both commiserate and grow with. For all the importance of their wisdom, there’s also great value in simply having a friend who’s in the industry.

Bartender Certifications from The Comfort of Your Home – A+ Server Education

Of course, before you begin working behind the bar, there’s some basic safety information you should be aware of. That’s why A+ Server Education is here to help you get an online bartending certificate. We’re dedicated to ensuring people just like you have the knowledge they need to safely serve alcohol.

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