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What do You Need to do to Get an Alcohol Server Permit and Certificate?

What do You Need to do to Get an Alcohol Server Permit and Certificate?

By Wally Rohde

The process of getting an alcohol server license varies throughout the USA, and it is better to check the requirements of your state. In this article we’ll break down the specifics.

What is an Alcohol Server Permit?

An alcohol server permit is an on-premise permit that allows any person to serve liquor, wine, and high gravity beer at an establishment that holds an on-premise consumption license (Liquor by the Drink License). The process of getting an alcohol server license varies throughout the USA, and it is better to check the requirements of your state.

How can your Local Alcoholic Beverage Control Department help you?

Each state has an agency that regulates the laws and rules in every state. Your state agency can serve as an excellent resource if you plan to apply for an alcohol sever permit. They can explain the licensing process to you and answer any questions. If you need help with alcohol laws or have questions about how to obtain an alcohol server permit you can also contact us.

What to keep in mind for an Alcohol Server Permit?

While it is not required on a federal level, many states require you to take a course to understand how to serve alcohol safely and responsibly. In addition, along with the state-level regulations, many bars and restaurants mandate bartender certification to ensure their customers are served safely.

What are the Requirements and Eligibilities?

  • Applicants for an on-premise server permit can vary from age to age depending on state law.
  • Applicants must complete and pass an alcoholic beverage certified program.
  • On-premise consumption licensees must have copies of all server permits available for review by authorities at all times; failure to do so could cause disciplinary and administrative actions.

About A+ Server Education

If you want your alcohol server permit and certification quickly, A+ Server Education is the best place for you. With the experience of over 15 years, you can trust them to empower you with the knowledge you need to get your permit. If you have any questions about our training courses, reach out to us by calling (503) 740-5509 or our toll-free number (877) 740-5509 or by emailing us for more information.

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