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Boise Idaho Alcohol Server Seller Training

Online training for your alcohol permit approved by the Boise Police Department

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Average course time = 2 hours

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City of Boise Responsible Alcohol Training

This certification is required for anyone that sells, serves or mixes alcohol in the city limits of Boise. This includes anyone that manages or oversees anyone that sells, serves or mixes alcohol.

This training is to help promote legal and responsible sales and service of alcoholic beverages.

This course and website were designed with multiple devices in mind. All course content is in HTML5 which means it will work on Ipad-Iphone-Android-Kindle Fire-Desktop and Mac Devices. You do not need Adobe Flash Player, and there is no need to download any other browser to take our course. We have tested our course in Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera and Safari browser.

99.9% Of The Students Pass The First Time

Our training course has been approved by multiple states. Over 100K students have passed our online course.

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Proof of Completion After Class

Printable proof of completion you can show your employer that you have completed the online course. You can also log in any time to reprint your certificate if you misplace it. Certificate is good for 3 years.

Mobile Friendly + State-of-the-Art

We have designed this course to work on all devices and screen sizes - smartphones, tablets, desktops & laptops. Our state-of-the-art Learning Management System is easy to use. Log out any time and continue where you left off when you log back in.

Your Time Is Important

The Boise Police Department requires that the training course must take a minimum of 2 hours. We have met this requirement in a way that you can get the training done as fast as possible. You can also access the course 24/7/365 and study at your own pace with quick and easy course units.

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2016 Alcohol Related Accidents

204 Fatal car accidents occurred in Idaho in 2016

  • Alcohol Related

  • Fatalities


2015 Alcohol-Related Accidents

216 Fatal car accidents occurred in Idaho in 2015

  • Alcohol Related

  • Fatalities


Why Choose Us

The intent of server education is to help servers develop the knowledge and skills that support responsible alcohol service. By law, classes must cover the following topics:

  • The effects of alcohol on the body and behavior, including the interaction of alcohol with other drugs.
  • Idaho and the City of Boise alcohol sale and service laws, including drunk driving laws.
  • Intervention techniques for dealing with intoxicated and underage customers.
  • Responsible advertising, marketing, and management procedures.

You can complete the course in 2 hours, and it's the fastest way to get your Boise Police Department-approved alcohol permit online. Save time with our Fast and Easy online training. Our online course also includes a full narration to help you learn as you go.

What Our Clients Say

Overview of our training

Our program gives people selling and serving alcoholic beverages an overview of alcohol sales, regulations, and techniques for recognizing a minor. Alcohol vendors will better understand how selling alcohol responsibly reduces trouble and improves safety.

Enroll in our A+ Server Education City of Boise alcohol training course now! It only takes two hours to complete. When you pass the exam, your Certificate of Completion for the City of Boise will be available for printing. Get the training that you need in a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use format today.

It's the Law!

The City of Boise requires any person employed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to take a Responsible Vendor Training course and get a Responsible Vendor Server Permit within 60 days of hire. Since it was created in 2008, the Boise Responsible Vendor Program has trained and permitted thousands of servers in the City of Boise. The server must maintain the certification throughout his or her career as a server of alcohol.

Why Are Servers Required To Take An Alcohol Education Class?

Licensees operating establishments where alcoholic beverages are served and consumed on the premises must ensure that each Server of Alcohol employed on the premises is either already certified or completes an Approved Server Training Program by July 1, 2009, or within sixty ( 60) days of the date the server begins employment at the establishment and that each Server of Alcohol maintains that certification throughout his or her employment as a server of alcohol. Club Licensees are required to have no less than one Server of Alcohol, whether employed or a volunteer, on the premises at all times to supervise the service of alcohol to members and the guests of members. Club Licensees are required to ensure that all supervising Servers of Alcohol have completed an Approved Server Training Program by July 1, 2009, or before supervising the service of alcohol to members and the guests of members.

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